What is crypto1x1?

“Crypto 1x1” allows the users to gamble and obtain a real income. On the website, you can find a game “Heads or Tails,” which determines the winner out of two players. To start, it is enough to make a bet using the in-game cryptocurrency. All users of “Crypto 1x1” are equal. The luckiest player wins.
The winner is chosen randomly. The game offered on the website is based on the blockchain technology. It guarantees honesty and transparency. The administration of “Crypto 1x1” doesn’t have a technical possibility to interfere with the result of the draw. Therefore, all registered users have equal chances of hitting the jackpot.

How to register?

Only the registered users can play and bet on the cryptocurrency. After visiting the website, you have to create a personal account. The button “Registration” is situated in the right upper corner of the screen. After pressing it, the user will see the form, where he/she must indicate:
• login on the website (nickname);
• active email;
• password;
• confirm the password by entering it once more;
• secret code (PIN code), which will be requested every time you withdraw the winnings and activate the bet.
After entering this information into the appropriate fields, press the button “Register.” It is located at the bottom of the screen.
After that, a letter will be sent to the indicated email. It is necessary to confirm the account. The player has to follow the link indicated in the letter. The registration process ends here, and the player goes to the page of the Demo game. 10 000 Demo Coin are provided. You can train with a Bot. Balance replenishment is carried out after pressing the button “Balance” in the right upper corner of the website.

What is a minimum deposit?

Users have an opportunity to select the type of cryptocurrency to replenish the balance. The website “Crypto 1x1” has domestic currency – Deul Coin. It is intended for bets in the available game. For convenience, Deul Coin is linked to Bitcoin. The website currency is 1 deul coin = 1 satoshi (0.000001 BTC). Minimal deposit is 1000 Deul Coins. Conversion of the real cryptocurrency into the in-game one is made automatically.
It is permitted to use the following currencies for the replenishment:
• Bitcoin;
• Litecoin;
• Ethereum;
• Bitcoin Cash;
• Binance Coin.
Only the players who have confirmed their account can transfer coins via the letter.

Why does it take long to make a deposit?

Replenishment of the account is based on the blockchain technology, which provides high anonymity of all owners of the digital currency. To save the information, they resort to serious safety mechanisms, which are impossible to crack.
When the player confirmed the transfer of cryptocurrency, the system puts his/her transaction in turn. Replenishment time may vary, depending on the network load. Each transfer of funds is fixed and can’t be deleted; therefore, the system is waiting for 3 confirmation of blockchain. Only after that, the user is the corresponding amount is accrued.
Usually, deposit crediting takes a short time (no longer than 1 hour), depending on the loading of the network.
Referral program
You can earn not only by gambling but also by attracting new users. Each profile registered on “Crypto 1x1” is given a personal identifier in the form of a link. It is located in the personal cabinet. The player who shares this link gets income.
The income is accrued automatically after a new User has made a minimal deposit. Bonus coins are credited to the balance. Unlimited number of players can register using the same link. The more players you invite, the higher your income. You can see the detailed income table in the personal cabinet.

Referral program

You can earn not only by gambling, but also by attracting new users. Each profile registered on Crypto 1x1 is given a personal identifier in the form of a link. She is in the personal account. The player who shares this address makes a profit.


Communication on the website is available only to the users who made a minimal deposit of 1000 Deul Coins. Chat is used not only for communication. With its help, you can call out every user. To start the game “1x1”, it is enough to send a link to the created duel to the chat.
We hope that the players will treat each other with respect and won’t violate the rules of communication on the website. For this, we developed the rules that should be followed:
• it is forbidden to spam so that the chat stays clean;
• you can’t use profanity when corresponding;
• it is forbidden to mention other gambling resources;
• you can’t publish the link to the outer resources;
• advertising is unacceptable;
• we don’t tolerate unfounded allegations of fraud of our resource. All results are determined randomly based on the blockchain technology;
• you can’t write messages in capital letters.
Liability is provided for the violation of chat rules. The administrator makes a final solution, and it cannot be challenged. Follow the rules of communication and enjoy the game.